MOSAIC Practitioner

Certification Program

FORMAT: Virtual Instructor-Led
DURATION: 2.5 Days
LOCATION: Video Conferencing

Should I Attend?

Whether you are a tenured executive or new to organizational effectiveness, this course demystifies problem-solving within an organization. Our clients who gain the most from this program are:

  • Corporate Executives
  • HR Business Partners & Professionals
  • Private Equity Operators
  • Management Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs

MOSAIC Practitioner provides a diagnostic process with simple tools to identify and solve the majority of organizational effectiveness issues. Many of our students are shocked by how easily a simple process with the right tool can solve a once-impossible problem.

If you are looking to increase the effectiveness of your organization, we look forward to seeing you in our program.

We try to make organizational effectiveness more complex than it is. Having a toolset like MOSAIC is going to help you to facilitate the right outcomes, have the right conversations, and drive change in a meaningful way. MOSAIC can position HR professionals for success.

Darrell Ford

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), United Postal Service (UPS)

The MOSAIC program offers really practical steps that demystify organizational development. The training gives you all the critical elements of how to execute change more effectively so that you can have the right conversations with your leaders.

Karen Aranki

Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), Varex Imaging

What Will I learn?

Our MOSAIC Practitioner certification will teach you the MOSAIC methodology, as well as the skills to diagnose and solve most organizational effectiveness issues. The MOSAIC frame distills decades of hard-earned lessons into a simple organizational assessment with 26 root-cause, problem-solving tools.

This course focuses primarily on how to diagnose and problem solve while interfacing with a client.

*If you already understand the MOSAIC framework and the 26 strategy deployment tools, please see our MOSAIC Consultant Certification Workshop.

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MOSAIC Practitioner

Certification Program

Will I Learn Change Management?

Yes, this will 100% teach you change management. However, we will also teach you details left out in most change management courses.

Many of our new clients come to us distressed:

  • They tried a big consulting firm and paid millions in fees
  • They paid for the latest course on organizational theory from a career academic
  • They went to a famous leadership guru and had a feel-good pump-up session

But they are left wondering: Why am I not getting concrete outcomes?

Frequently, clients do not get results because they are working on the wrong problem. This applies to change management. It is also the reason why most change initiatives fail.

Change management is one of the last pillars of organizational effectiveness. If any of the prior pillars such as mission or staffing have issues, you will not be able to change manage your way out of the problem.

MOSAIC teaches you to find and solve the right organizational problem. And if your problem is change management, we have the tools to help you be successful.


Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Client Entry and Issues
  • Data Assessment and Usage
  • Diagnosis – Practice and Pitfalls
  • Client Feedback & Initial Recommendations
  • MOSAIC Tool Selection
  • Implementation Planning
  • Non-MOSAIC Issue Identification
  • Custom Solution Development Options
  • Personal Application




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MOSAIC Practitioner

Certification Program

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