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Do you find yourself…


Investing time and money on change projects that simply don’t work, can’t be sustained, or don’t realize ROI?


Wasting time, money and effort reworking failed change efforts?


Being under pressure to “FIX IT NOW” and don’t know how to start?


Not having resources to call for help?


Needing simple, practical tools and you can’t find them?



Integrated OE Framework

Use a simple, yet comprehensive framework to guide your change effort: establish a clear mission, organize the structure, implement the change effectively, and ensure leaders appropriately support the change.


Common Language

Implement change more effectively with a common language that aligns the entire organization. Achieve goals faster when everyone operates with the same basic approach.


26 Practical Tools

Theory becomes actionable!  These tools help you establish a strategic plan, redesign an organization, create the ‘glue’ required to sustain a change, reduce the cost of implementation, define actions and behaviors that create success.

What is MOSAIC Change?

The MOSAIC Change Framework is a set of practical tools that help you execute change effectively.

Organizational effectiveness is the measurement of how successfully an organization achieves it goals. While most change programs are filled with theories on WHAT is required, MOSAIC shows you HOW with a practical, easy-to-use framework and 26 simple tools that improve your organization’s ability to drive change.

For any leader eager to build a stronger, agile organization, and for those who will help shape and deliver it, MOSAIC provides the blueprint.

What MOSAIC Gives You

Help when you need it

The MOSAIC online subscription gives you immediate access to download and use 26 foundational tools and 30 training modules. The guidance you need – right at your fingertips!

Expert credentials

The MOSAIC practitioner certification gives you recognized expertise as a change agent and strategic business partner – able to produce real results and resolve change-related issues now!

Licensing Opportunities

Your Enterprise license lets you use MOSAIC freely within your own organization. A Consulting license allows you to expand a consulting practice using proprietary MOSAIC tools with your own clients.

Transition Made Easy with Change Management Certification

A certification in change management is invaluable in today’s dynamic business environment. It equips leaders with practical insights to navigate complex transformations, enhancing their ability to initiate, plan, and implement change successfully. A change management certification enables a leader to foster a common language within organizations, streamlining communication and collaboration during change. In a landscape where adaptability is paramount, this certification is a strategic investment for leaders aiming to thrive in today’s dynamic working environment.

Elevate your leadership prowess with a Change Management Certification—a critical pathway to cultivating leaders capable of efficiently and cost-effectively spearheading change.

Can change management be challenging? Absolutely. But with MOSAIC’s user-friendly change management tools, you can improve organizational effectiveness and become a trailblazer in driving organizational change. Our change management framework is refreshingly straightforward and has empowered countless organizations and business leaders to usher in positive transformations. It’s not just about knowing what needs to be done; it’s about mastering how to do it. The true power of MOSAIC’s tools lies in your ability to apply them effectively, pinpoint challenges, and leverage our practical, foundational tools to craft customized change management solutions.

Discover the transformative power of MOSAIC’s change management certification. Elevate your resume with this vital credential and accelerate your proficiency in establishing a shared language and toolkit for effective change management within your own organization.

Change Management Framework

MOSAIC emerged from an unsatisfactory experience with a major consulting firm that demanded exorbitant fees for change management work that could have been easily handled internally at a fraction of the cost. Our founder’s singular mission? Empower organizations to navigate change independently, and to demystify the complexity that often accompanies change management.

change management framework

Consulting is filled with jargon and the belief that expensive firms and brilliant minds are needed to manage most changes or to fix most organizational effectiveness problems. This is rarely the case. Most are solved with a common approach to identify the problem and some simple tools to resolve it.

The MOSAIC approach is a simple change management framework and 26 practical tools that have been used successfully in every type of organization across the globe – with a $100 billion global conglomerate, small non-profits and privately held businesses. MOSAIC tools have helped take $177M of recurring cost structure out of a $11b manufacturing firm, to prepare a privately held company for sale, and to get a group of ranchers to be strategically aligned on the key priorities for the ranch. Same tools. Completely different organizations. This is the beauty and simplicity of the MOSAIC approach.

The MOSAIC framework for organizational change was developed over decades of successful experience in transforming organizations. Our team has seen firsthand the frustration and loss of optimism when change efforts fail. We believe in the transformative power of a simple way to explain change, and the value of an approach that is less about theory and more about HOW you make change happen. We are passionate about helping others to do OE work more effectively, at a fraction of the price and our results prove it.

Change Management Courses

Change Management Courses

MOSAIC’s change management courses are tailor-made for individuals who are tired of:

  • Investing time, effort, and resources into change management projects without yielding sustainable results.
  • A series of failed change endeavours that show no return on investment.

Expensive external consultants that present complex change management tools to ensure you continue to be dependent on their services. If any of these situations resonate with you, MOSAIC change management training is your solution. Our change management courses are designed to make it simple for your organization to plan for and implement change more successfully.

Change Management Training Tailored to Your Needs

Online Learning

Unlock the power of a self-paced two-year subscription that grants you access to 26 invaluable tools. Thirty comprehensive learning modules offering hands-on guidance for seamlessly executing transformative change initiatives within your organization or for your clients. Whether you’re a proactive leader grappling with organizational effectiveness challenges or an HR leader who needs to provide more strategic support to your clients, this program has been meticulously crafted with you in mind.


MOSAIC Change Practitioner Certification

Embark on a transformative journey as a change practitioner! Join our dynamic 2.5 day virtual instructor-led program and glean wisdom from a team of seasoned practitioners. Gain real-life experience by engaging with clients, receiving immediate feedback, and honing your skills using MOSAIC’s foundational tools. This online program not only equips you with essential diagnostic and consulting skills but also empowers you to master the ‘art’ of organizational effectiveness and change management, paving the way for your success.


OE Consulting Program

Change management is a delicate blend of science and artistry. To excel in this field, mastering the intricacies of organizational effectiveness consulting is essential. If you have a minimum of three years’ experience supporting change management initiatives with business leaders, seize the opportunity to elevate your expertise. Join us in the picturesque surroundings of beautiful downtown Scottsdale Arizona and explore advanced facets of OE consulting, unlocking new horizons in your professional journey.

Obtaining certification in any of our training programs enhances your capacity to provide top-tier support to change management initiatives within your organization. By skillfully implementing MOSAIC’s organizational change framework, you’ll bolster your reputation as a valuable change catalyst, elevating your brand as an indispensable asset within your organization.”

Learn more about our change management programs here.

Why Choose MOSAIC?

Amidst a sea of change management consultancies, MOSAIC stands out as a proven choice. Discover the power of simplicity with us, where impactful change is our specialty. Here’s why MOSAIC is your ultimate solution:

Practical Tools for Real Results

Our 26 powerful tools aren’t just theoretical; they provide practical solutions that deliver tangible, cost-effective, and sustainable results for your change projects.

Proven Expertise

With a proven history of collaboration with industry leaders like Honeywell and UPS, as well as privately held enterprises such as Ping and Onvo, and non-profit organizations like Make-a-Wish, our team’s expertise is unrivalled. Rest assured, your trust in our wealth of experience and knowledge is well-founded.

A Universal Language for Change

Have you ever heard of ‘language friction’? Research shows that language barriers can slow down the pace of change with any group that doesn’t share a common language. That same concept applies in organizations. Here at MOSAIC, we’ve cultivated a straightforward and universal language that, once adopted, empowers leaders to drive change with greater effectiveness. By speaking the same language and employing standardized tools, you can accelerate your transformation process.

Extended Learning and Access

Experience the benefits of our comprehensive 2-year learning subscription, offering unrestricted access to our 26 foundational tools and 30 on-demand training modules. With MOSAIC, you’ll have the support you require precisely when you need it.

Certified Expertise

For change practitioners, our MOSAIC Practitioner Certificate is your ticket to standing out as an accomplished change agent who consistently delivers tangible results.

Simplicity and Cost-Effectiveness

We are committed to simplicity and affordability. Our tools are straightforward, practical, and crafted to be budget-friendly, guaranteeing that you achieve your desired results without straining your budget.

Do you want to use the MOSAIC framework and tools across your entire organization? Click here to learn more about MOSAIC Enterprise Licensing!

Take MOSAIC for a Test Drive

Every one of our learning programs comes with a valuable two-year subscription to the MOSAIC Foundations Online Learning Series. To get a glimpse of the powerful tools underpinning MOSAIC’s change management certification, simply download our online free training module. It’s just a small taste of what our comprehensive program has to offer.

Check out our free training modules today!


Is a change management certification worth it?

Change is a constant in today’s world. The ability to effectively manage change is not just valuable; it’s an indispensable skill. Furthermore, an increasing number of job listings now include ‘change management certification’ as a preferred qualification in their job descriptions.

Why Should I choose a MOSAIC Change Management Certification?

Many change management courses predominantly focus on theories and abstract concepts. However, at MOSAIC, we take a different approach. While our foundation is built on robust theoretical principles, our unique strength lies in our practical and accessible approach to change management. We’ve designed MOSAIC as a user-friendly framework, rooted in solid theory yet driven by a wealth of practical tools.

Our mission is straightforward yet impactful. We simplify organizational effectiveness and change management. We help you establish a simple change management framework, a shared change management language, and a practical toolkit that empowers leaders in your organization to navigate change with precision. Extensive studies highlight the efficacy of a common language in expediting the implementation of change initiatives. MOSAIC delivers a comprehensive framework, augmented by a suite of practical tools meticulously designed for each facet of the model.

But don’t just take our word for it; explore our testimonials, where clients consistently reaffirm that MOSAIC is not only easy to comprehend but also simple to implement.

Why Leaders Choose MOSAIC

We try to make organizational effectiveness more complex than it is. Having a toolset like MOSAIC is going to help you to facilitate the right outcomes, have the right conversations, and drive change in a meaningful way. MOSAIC can position HR professionals for success.



MOSAIC provides every leader with an Organizational Effectiveness toolkit that is typically only available within Fortune 100 companies or from high-priced consultants. Filled with simple, practical tools and a framework for driving impactful change in any organization.


CEO and Board Member
Juniper II Corp

The MOSAIC program offers really practical steps that demystify organizational development. The training gives you all the critical elements of how to execute change more effectively so that you can have the right conversations with your leaders.


VAREX Imaging

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