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Many HR professionals search for an organizational development certification program when they want to strengthen their strategic human resources capability. While many academics will argue the differences between the two terms, organizational development (OD) and organization effectiveness (OE) are BOTH focused on changing organizations. Call it what you want, but at MOSAIC, our mission is to simplify organizational development | organizational effectiveness, no matter which term you use. If you are looking for an organizational development certification, then check out MOSAIC. Our practical framework is the gateway to understanding the principal elements that underpin any successful organizational development | organizational effectiveness effort.

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Organizational Development Certification Program

What is Organizational Development?

Organizational Effectiveness Consulting Workshop

Organizational Development (OD) and Organizational Effectiveness (OE) are both comprehensive, planned, and systematic approaches to improving the effectiveness and health of an organization. They both encompasses a wide range of interventions, strategies, and processes aimed at helping organizations to move from ‘where they are’ to ‘where they want to be’.

Let’s face it. When an organization is healthy, it spends less time resolving internal problems and instead frees up organizational capacity to focus more time externally on the customers and markets it serves. Experts in this field can help leaders more effectively navigate change and improve overall organizational effectiveness. If you are looking for an organizational development program that is simple, practical, and easy-to-use, check out the MOSAIC Practitioner Certification or our Organizational Effectiveness Consulting Workshop.

An organizational development certification program will introduce you to the foundational elements of organizational development and immediately equip you with the capability to identify and resolve common organizational development | effectiveness issues within your own organization.

Elements of OD

MOSAIC’s certification and consulting programs are far superior to organizational development courses that are often too ‘theoretical’. Our programs teach you how to plan, implement, and sustain organizational change effectively, helping your organization adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Whether it is a major restructuring, technology implementation, or the installation of a key initiative, you’ll know how to implement change management strategies that work.

Our MOSAIC Practitioner Certification and OE Consulting Workshop (organizational development courses) equip individuals with a valuable skill set and knowledge base that can lead to improved career prospects, greater effectiveness within their current roles, and a deeper understanding of how to drive positive change within organizations.

What Makes Us Different?

Practical Organizational Development Courses

Many organizational development courses predominantly focus on theories and abstract concepts. However, at MOSAIC, we take a different approach. While our foundation is built on robust theoretical principles, our unique strength lies in our practical and accessible approach to change management. We’ve designed MOSAIC as a user-friendly framework, rooted in solid theory yet driven by a wealth of practical tools.

Our mission is straightforward yet impactful. We simplify organizational effectiveness and change management. We help you establish a simple change management framework, a shared change management language, and a practical toolkit that empowers leaders in your organization to navigate change with precision. Extensive studies highlight the efficacy of a common language in expediting the implementation of change initiatives. MOSAIC delivers a comprehensive framework, augmented by a suite of practical tools meticulously designed for each facet of the model.

But don’t just take our word for it; explore our testimonials, where clients consistently reaffirm that MOSAIC is not only easy to comprehend but also straightforward to implement. What sets us apart is our emphasis on practicality rather than mere theory. To further support your journey, we offer 30 on-demand modules, each dedicated to explaining the intricacies of our tools and how to leverage them effectively.

Strengthen Your Change Agent Credentials with an Organizational Development Certification

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No matter the size of your firm or the magnitude of your organizational issues, we have got you covered. Whether you’re a business leader, HR professional, or part of a change team, having a simple way to understand and implement organizational development | organizational effectiveness principles can contribute to creating a vibrant and resilient organization. If you are looking for a power-packed organizational development certification program, check us out!

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