Founder’s Story

Jane McNair

I’m Jane McNair and I have made a career out of simplifying organizational effectiveness work.

You could say I owe it all to a bad experience with a big consulting firm.

Early in my career, my employer hired one of the big four consulting firms and signed a multi-million-dollar contract to secure change management support for a large transformation project. A week after the ink was dry on the contract, it began.

We were inundated with an overwhelming number of meetings to justify the cost of the contract. And the meetings were filled with too many people, too many priorities and a cluster of complex models that often had nothing to do with the problems we were trying to solve. Our employees felt like the consultants had sold us a very expensive hammer and were going to do whatever they could to turn us into a nail. What could have been done in weeks, took months. At the end, we had more problems than when we started, leaders had a bad taste for the organization effectiveness function and the contract was finally terminated.

I didn’t realize it then, but it was the seminal moment of a 25-year journey that resulted in the MOSAIC Change approach.

Consulting is filled with jargon and the belief that expensive firms and brilliant minds are needed to fix most organizational effectiveness problems. This is rarely the case. Most are solved with a common approach to identify the problem and some simple tools to resolve it.

The MOSAIC approach is a simple framework and 26 practical tools that have been used successfully in every type of organization across the globe – with a $100 billion global conglomerate, small non-profits and privately held businesses. MOSAIC tools have helped take $177M of recurring cost structure out of a $11b manufacturing firm, to prepare a privately held company for sale, and to get a group of ranchers to be strategically aligned on the key priorities for the ranch. Same tools. Completely different organizations. This is the beauty and simplicity of the MOSAIC approach.

Basically, we make organizational effectiveness (OE) simple

The MOSAIC Change process was developed over decades of successful experience in transforming organizations. Our team has seen firsthand the frustration and loss of optimism when change efforts fail. We believe in the transformative power of a simple way to explain OE, and the value of an approach that is less about theory and more about HOW you make change happen. We are passionate about helping others to do OE work more effectively, at a fraction of the price and our results prove it.

Who we serve

We help HR leaders acquire the strategic framework they need to be better HR business partners. We give process leaders a way to deliver more comprehensive solutions when the issues they are trying to solve aren’t really process problems. We provide a framework for business leaders to educate their leadership teams on what ‘good’ organizational effectiveness looks like and give them a method to both assess and close performance gaps. And we also give OE practitioners a simple approach and toolkit to help them establish a value-added OE function within their organizations.

Let me share a little about my background…

  • BA in Communications from Arizona State University
  • MSOD from Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business
  • Twenty-five years of experience leading OE functions for both Honeywell and Motorola
  • Worked as an external OE consultant with companies such as Chase Bank, Fiserv, UPS, McNally Capital, Honeywell, Motorola, and many others
  • Author of the recently published book, MOSAIC: Simplifying the Art of Organizational Effectiveness and Change

On the personal side…

Nothing happens without a great support team, and I have had the good fortune to be blessed with a wonderful husband of 38 years and two sons who still live in the Phoenix area.

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