Unlock Your Potential! As a Certified MOSAIC Practitioner, you will be better equipped to partner effectively with business leaders to deliver more strategic human resource management, increase organizational effectiveness and drive improved business results.

For CHROs, the journey to harness Ulrich’s visionary of balancing ‘transactional’ and ‘strategic’ work has been challenging. For most companies that have adopted the model, achieving this ‘strategic state’ has been elusive because HR leaders don’t have a simple approach to actually demonstrate more strategic human resource management capability and, as a result, they continue to hold on to more of the operational (and transactional) elements of HR work. Pursuing HR certification programs in areas such as Compensation, Benefits, Recruiting, Staffing, Training, Labor Relations, etc. will add GREAT skills to the operational side of your professional HR portfolio BUT to rise to the top of the profession, you’ll need to build the strategic skills and qualifications that set you apart from other HR professionals. To do that, you’ll need to strengthen your Organizational Effectiveness and strategic human resource management skillset.

Showcase Your Strategic Proficiency

The ability to guide a team in overcoming a spectrum of critical business challenges holds immeasurable value in today’s competitive landscape. Addressing issues such as a lack of strategic alignment, ambiguous roles and responsibilities, inappropriate organizational structures, talent deficiencies, poor decision-making processes, adverse cultural dynamics, and even problematic leadership behavior can lead to a transformative shift in an organization’s trajectory. As a more strategic human resource leader, you can be a catalyst for change – armed with the prowess to navigate through these complex challenges, pave the way for more streamlined operations and cultivate an environment conducive to innovation and growth. All things that are highly valued by executive leadership!

Developed With HR Business Partners in Mind

MOSAIC streamlines the complexities of organizational effectiveness work. Our 30 comprehensive, on-demand learning modules prepare you to support your leaders with the more strategic human resource management work such as the challenges illustrated above. If you are looking for high-quality HR manager training and development, look no further than MOSAIC.

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The MOSAIC approach has been used successfully in every type of organization across the globe – with a $100 billion global conglomerate, small non-profits and privately held businesses. MOSAIC tools have helped take $177M of recurring cost structure out of a $11b manufacturing firm, to prepare a privately held company for sale, and to get a group of ranchers to be strategically aligned on the key priorities for the ranch. Same tools. Completely different organizations. This is the beauty and simplicity of the MOSAIC approach. Empower your HR team with practical, tool-based approaches to strategic human resource management!

Powerful Learning for HR Professionals

The MOSAIC Change framework offers a practical solution for HR business partners. — A simple framework and 26 easy-to-use tools that accelerate your ability to support leaders in the strategic assessment and resolution of the most common obstacles to organizational effectiveness and change. Ulrich’s ‘Strategic Business Partner’ model actually becomes attainable when you harness MOSAIC’s practical, tool-based approach!

Advanced MOSAIC Learning Programs

Additionally, all of our MOSAIC learning programs include a 2-year subscription to the MOSAIC Foundations Learning Series. This treasure trove of 30 self-paced, on-demand modules empowers you to master 26 essential tools for addressing the most common organizational effectiveness obstacles. Your investment in organizational effectiveness learning is optimized through MOSAIC’s practical learning solutions.

Learn more about our MOSAIC Change Foundations Learning Series here!

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What is the value of a MOSAIC Certification?

Modern business leaders have come to demand both operational AND strategic insight from their human resource counterparts. A substantial number of HR certification programs emphasize the operational aspects of the profession such as Compensation, Benefits, Recruiting, Staffing, Training, and Labor Relations. And yes, operational excellence is an important part of the professional HR portfolio BUT to rise to the top of the profession, you will need to build the strategic organizational effectiveness skills and qualifications that will establish your strategic human resource management capability. This is precisely where MOSAIC steps in!

Why does HR need to be more strategic?

Dave Ulrich’s continuing research on HR competencies continues to show that “organization capability” matters more than “individual competence” in delivering overall business results. That requires HR professionals to focus more on the capabilities of the organization and THAT requires a robust OE skillset. Check out Dave’s article here.



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